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Obesity is a chronic disease that needs life-long management just as any other disease process.  People can be successful with lifestyle changes and succeed in permanent weight loss.  Through the American Board of Obesity Medicine and Obesity Medical Association, Dr. Sanford has developed the tools to assist patients on their weight journey to improve their health, feel better about themselves, and bring hope to the struggling individual who has tried everything. 

If you are ready to repair your thinking regarding weight loss, return to a healthy lifestyle, and RESTORE your goals for success, give us a call.

Dr. Sanford is a board certified Internal Medicine and Obesity Medicine physician and is the founder of Restore Body on 30a. She practiced hospital medicine for many years and saw patients return sicker and unable to overcome many of their diseases.  Many suffered from diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, vascular disease and coronary artery disease with underlying obesity driving their illnesses.  Patients reported attempting every kind of diet, exercise, potions and elixirs – anything that would help them lose weight and were frustrated and unsuccessful despite their best efforts. She began to explore the many reasons behind weight gain and obesity (not something taught in medical school) as well as nutrition and pharmacology.

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